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35: The Bathtub Murder Part 1

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I’m sorry this is a little late, I had some recording issues. But everything is fixed now and I guess it’s better late than never. 

In Troy, Ohio on a cold February day in 1926, a man comes home and discovers his wife’s dead body in their bathtub. As the police from 3 different agencies investigate to find out what happened to this young wife, the situation is sensationalized in the newspapers. As the news spreads the town is overrun with reporters and travelers looking for a souvenir. Part 1 will tell the story of Mrs. Nesbitt’s body being found and what the police did to investigate the crime. 

No pictures for this episode.


The View From Above by John E. Fulker, 1992. Libre Publishers

Murder of Troy Woman is still Unsolved Crime, Miami Union, Troy, OH Thursday February 25, 1926

Chemist reports stomach of murdered woman free of poison and undigested food; neighbor springs surprise. Troy Daily News, Troy OH February 24, 1926

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